Ultra-Freeze Plus

This product is a combination package for the shipment of temperature sensitive infectious specimens and biological substances (Category A and Category B) and the shipment of temperature sensitive of non-hazardous materials.

Through the use of patent pending phase change technology the ultra-freeze Plus transportation package will maintain a temperature range below 0°C for a period of 168 hours. Our patent pending product design and innovative Blue-Ice coolant solution offers proven specimen protection. With no dry ice required the ultra-freeze Plus may be transported by airfreight as non-hazardous cargo resulting in significant cost savings.

UN specification packaging, 95 kPa independently tested and approved.

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Blue-Ice coolant technology is non-toxic and completely biodegradable. Please view product gallery for temperature performance graph.

Product Code Product Description
ULTFRZC1plus ultra-freeze Plus


Fiberboard outer carton – 500 x 500 x 500 mm (Length x Width x Height)
ultra-freeze Plus bottle – 95 kPa independently tested and approved
Capacity: 3.0 L
Opening: 110 mm
Diameter: 150 mm
Height: 245 mm
Weight: 0.38 kg
High density polystyrene inner package support
4 x Blue-Ice phase change bricks
Twin diagnostic label (Class 6.2 Infectious Substance and UN3373 labels)
Bubble bag
Absorbent pad
Markings on this fiberboard outer carton include:

UN specification mark
Shipper and Consignee address
Emergency contact
Packing instructions
Orientation arrows
Complete weight of single assembled unit: 14.40 kg

Technical Information
UN Specification Mark: 4GU/Class 6.2

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Regulatory Agency: ICAO
Regulatory Standard: PI 620