About Us

Here at Biothermal SA we have relised that not all of us became a Pharmacist, Scientist, Doctor
or Nurse but with our expertise gained over the years we can assist these Sectors with the safe
transport of their valuable Medication, Chemicals and Biological samples to name a few.

BioThermal SA started with the key factor in mind, that we would like to add value and
contribution to the Pharma, Biological, Medical, Perishable and Healthcare Sectors. We
partnered with Prestige Companies namely: Pelican Biothermal; Bio-Bottle and Tempmate, by
forming these partnerships we are able to provide our clients with Verified products that would
give you peace of mind when it comes to your Valueable Cargo. With having these products
available and our offerings, we are able to provide you with safe, reliable and Temperature
controlled shipping Globally.

Company History:
Company established in 2020, where we partnered with Pelican Biothermal and became a
distributor of their products for the whole of Africa. The reason for starting the company was to
introduce a revolutionary product that will give you peace of mind when transporting your
valuable temperature-controlled products or samples. We expanded our product range by
partnering with 2 additional companies namely: Tempmate and Bio-Bottle. We are now able to
offer a full temperature-controlled solution and provide UN approved packaging for Biological
(UN3373) and Infectious substance (UN2814) to our Medical Clients.

What we have started to realize is that a lot of our clients have requested that we offer a FULL
service. This included that we provide the packaging, temperature monitors and then the full
Logistical Solution. With our management team having vast expertise in temperature-controlled
logistics, it was easy to set up and partnered with key companies that can assist In different
countries globally.

Business Growth:
BioThermal SA have grown from, just being a distributor of the Pelican Biothermal,
Bio-Bottle and Tempmate products to a Complete Logistical solution.

Company Vision:
Our vision is to take Packaging, Temperature monitoring and Logistics to the next level in Africa
by introducing a cold chain solution that all sectors from below can benefit from:
• Medical
• Biological
• Pharmaceutical
• Veterinary
• Perishable

Company Mission:
Our mission is to provide our clients with excellent products and Service that will give you
peace of mind when transporting your valuable cargo. We strive to provide our clients with only
the best reputable products that have been tried and verified. We are here to be an extension of
your business and can offer a full tailored solution with regards to Packaging, Temperature, Monitoring and Logistics.