Tempmate.®-S2 T

Various high-precision sensors allow the tempmate.®-
S2 to meet a wide range of
requirements. In addition to
the usual temperature influences, you can also use this
device to precisely check
the effects of humidity and
light on your goods. As a result of the built-in batteries,
this data logger is suitable
for air transport and does
not restrict you in any way
in the choice of the means
of transport


Recording Options Single-Use
Dimension [mm] 93 x 47 x 8 mm
Weight [g] 30g
Casing Ecofriendly Hardcase
Battery CR2450 lithium metal button cell battery
Connection Interface USB 2.0, A-Type (integrated)
Display Multifunction LCD
Protection Class IP65
Shelf Life 24 months
Temperature Range –30 °C to 70 °C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.3°C (-20 to 40°C) ±0.5 (others)
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Humidity Range n/a
Humidity Accuracy n/a
Humidity Resolution n/a
Ambient Light Sensor Yes
Memory Capacity (measurements) 32,000 points (T)
Run Time (Logging Interval) Up to 180 days (10 min.) = Standard Model
Other models only on request
Data Export PDF
Alarm Configuration up to 5 points customizable, single or comulative
Startup Mode Button Stop Mode Button or by Software

Other Specifications:
Temporary PDF The PDF Report is available at anytime without stopping the Logger.
Software PDF reader + optional tempbase 2 Software
Reprogrammable Yes, with optional tempbase 2 Software
Backup-Log-Feature Yes
Custom ID and Travel Description Yes
Calibration Certificate Yes, with 6 points (hardcopy) & PDF in memory
Conformity EN 12830, CE, RoHS
Serial Number Identification, Yes