we specialise in

Distribution and supply of Verified Thermal and Combination Packaging as well as Temperature data Monitoring for the below Sectors but not limited to.


Biothermal SA implemented innovative market-leading, tailor-made Life Science and Healthcare solutions. From Clinical Research Organizations (CRO’S), Clinical Trials and Central Labs to Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology organizations, we have addressed and tailored a full solution when it comes to Transport, Temperature Monitoring and Packaging challenges where it is temperature-controlled, time-sensitive and dangerous good conditions.

Biothermal SA will ensure that proper packaging, dry ice, temperature-controlled packaging, temperature monitoring, dangerous goods declarations and full customs clearance is done where applicable. 

Your shipment will be conducted efficiently, and we will ensure that the logistics process is completed in the safest, most timely and secure manner.


Biothermal SA has formed global partnerships to develop a propriety network and global footprint to ensure the complete stability of the required temperature throughout the management of the cold chain process for your clinical trials. Biothermal SA can ensure the integrity of products during transport.

Biothermal SA is perfectly positioned to deliver your shipments safely, securely and within the temperature ranges required.


 Biothermal SA has vast knowledge and understanding of the global landscape and supply of products in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We can assist with the global shipping of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), ATMP and cell and gene moves. As well as various other therapeutic development and commercial pharmaceuticals.

Biothermal SA has a deep understanding of the sensitivities surrounding the distribution process for these types of shipments and we strive to successfully minimize the risk associated with the various stages involved.

Biothermal SA strives to ensure that we focus on operational excellence, customer service, cost containment and superior cold-temperature technical solutions, ensuring that your shipment will always be treated as unique and urgent while also recognizing the value of the shipment.


Biothermal is committed to providing the best support possible for public and private health organizations. This includes but is not limited to Universities, Hospitals, Veterinaries and National Health Institutes. 

Biothermal has expertise in handling and transport of key shipments such as cell lines and cultures, vaccines, pandemic research samples, infectious or hazardous materials and biological samples that are consistently delivered on time, safely and within a specified and agreed on temperature range following local and international shipping regulations.


Biothermal SA’s experience and knowledge allow us to ensure that all Complex Projects get executed with Comprehensive planning ensuring that the commodity of your shipment is taken into account, ensuring that the temperature ranges, packaging requirements and deadlines provided are adhered to. 

A full Project Plan is provided to our Client before the movement of the shipment. All Partners will be aware of the plan for the movement of the cargo. If all Partners are comfortable and in agreement with the Action Plan then only will the shipment be moved accordingly.

Careful Management of the shipment is done and regular status reports are provided to our clients giving you peace of mind regarding your Project shipment.

Project documents are archived and saved on our database.


 As part of our offerings we can assist with the Global Transportation of all Medical, Laboratory Equipment and Products, this includes Machines, Reagents, Chemicals and equipment to name a few, but not limited to. Be it big or small we have the network to assist with all your needs.

We are fully Category 6 qualified to assist with all your Products that are considered Dangerous Goods.