A temperature sensitive air cargo tends to get excursion due to extreme weather conditions. At very high or very low ambient temperatures, it becomes difficult to maintain the required temperature ranges of the products during shipping. Insulating them with Thermal Pallet Covers and Thermal Cargo Covers reduces the energy exchange rates and delays the excursion period.

Thermal Pallet Covers & Blankets are used for controlled temperature products. Like pharmaceuticals, when exposed to weather tend to quick excursion due to large gap between ambient and product temperatures. Many studies suggest, due to delayed tarmac time the temperature inside the pallet raises even than the ambient temperature due to greenhouse effect. Mettcover Thermal Blankets are made to provide a thermal protection and act as a thermal barrier between weather and pallet loads. Our thermal covers protect the shipments through Convection, Conduction and Radiation methods.


1. The highest level insulation.
2. A unique composition of X-PRO-X and aluminium foil sandwiched with Insulated Fibrefill.
3. Made to protect temperature sensitive products from all extreme weathers.
4. Made for minus degree to +60 degree ambient temperatures.
5. Recommended for Frozen, 2ºC to 8ºC, and 15ºC to 25ºC temperature control.
6. Reusable Pallet Covers. Zipper openings all four sides.
7. Readily available for any pallet size.
8. Available with or without bottom base as per the requirement.
9. Only tray bottom base option is available for best performances.
10. ATD 0.45ºC per hour*.
11. Validation test reports are available on request.