Tempmate.®-B series

Tempmate.®-B series temperature data loggers are ideal whenever your goods will be transported and stored over a long period of time and you have to make sure, that the quality has not been compromised. Its ultra-compact dimensions, super light weight and the economical pricing make our tempmate.®-B series a worldwide first choice. tempmate.®-B series are self contained multi use temperature data loggers with the ability to record up to 8,000 data points, depending upon the model chosen they will measure from -40°C to +140°C.



The tempmate B series of data loggers are sealed for life with an internal battery that cannot be replaced.
The loggers therefore have a life, at the end of which it must be replaced, that life depends upon a number of factors such as the sample time, the resolution and the ambient temperature they are exposed to.

This tool enables the minimum product life to be calculated.
For short cycle high temperature applications it is often better to consider this as the number of cycles that can be logged.

To optimise battery life follow the rules below:

Use the maximum log interval that your process can accept.
Using low resolution will significantly increase battery life.
Use, wherever possible, the ‘Stop When Full’ mode so the logger does not carry on logging after the test.
When the logger is not in use for significant amount of time, battery life an be increased by changing the logging interval to 24 Hours.

The logger is connected to the PC via the separately available USB adapter, and is programmed, read and analysed with the aid of the user-friendly TempIT software. The TempIT-Lite software offers a graphical display and can be downloaded here, free of charge. For more comprehensive analysis, including table view, data export function (for example Excel or Word), MKT, F0, A0 and PU calculations, there is the TempIT-Pro version, which is also available with optional copy protect dongle. It is possible to upgrade from TempIT-Lite to TempIT-Pro at any time.

Ultra compact (17.35 mm diameter, 5.89 mm thick)
Ultra light weight (4 g)
Calibration certificates optionally available
Splash waterproof, additional housings for every application available
Cost-efficient and reliable

*** All Accessories are sold separately and not with the B-Series Logger ***