Sherpa Systems™ Equatorial SN88-72

Sherpa Systems™ shippers provide the ultimate flexibility with interchangeable components that allow you to switch between temperature ranges. These temperature controlled shippers are engineered and tested to work in real-world situations and offer good value for a robust single-use system.

Sherpa Systems™ temperature controlled packaging solutions include temperature ranges from 2 – 25 degrees Celsius and volumes of 2 – 106L. Dry ice options are also available for frozen applications.


Product Specifications:

1. Temperature Range 2°C-8°C
2. Payload Volume 88.00 litres
3. Duration 72 hours
4. Coolant Type Water Coolant
4. Payload Size Metric500 × 410 × 430 mm
5. Outer Dimensions Metric 830 × 710 × 870 mm
6. Tare Weight Metric 85.5 kg
7. Product Type Single Use Parcel

Additional information


72 hrs

Product Type

Single Use

Temperature Range

2-8 Degrees