Sherpa Systems™ Dry Ice CL192-94

Sherpa Systems™ dry ice shippers offer affordable, readily available temperature controlled packaging solutions. These shippers are engineered and tested to work in real world situations, enabling you to ship immediately with confidence.

Sherpa Systems™ shippers cover volumes from 5L to 179L with durations up to 225 hours. Temperature ranges include those below -20 degrees Celsius.


Product Specifications:

1. Temperature Range Sub -65°C
2. Payload Volume 94.00 litres
3. Duration 225 hours
4. Coolant Type Dry Ice Coolant
5. Payload Size Metric 550 × 371 × 465 mm
6. Outer Dimensions Metric 679 × 500 × 589 mm
7. Tare Weight Metric 76 kg
8. Product Type Single Use Parcel