The Pharma-box smart container allows you to generate and maintain temperature conditions during transport thermo-sensitive products.
All models come with a touchscreen where you can adjust temperature set point in Pharma-box. According to defined conditions, the built-in PID Thermostat PharmaSense controls its heating and cooling. During the entire transport, precise monitoring and continuous temperature measurement are provided via calibrated temperature probe. Calibration is performed at three temperature points according to HRN/EN ISO 17025. Printing the temperature list of each delivery session is possible through an integrated printer. Also, there is possibility to upload data via wireless communication (WiFi) to the Pharmalogger software database.
Pharma-box has the ability to adjust the upper and lower allowed temperature limits, and when the temperature exceeds the limits, an audible and visual alarm is activated.
Qualification documentation is delivered to the user with the Pharma-box. Qualification is carried out in environmental conditions and with a defined range of temperature in which the user will use the device.


Smart thermal container
– autonomy 10 logs (2.000 measurements per log)
– module for connecting to a WiFi/GPRS/GPS network
– touchscreen
– sound and visual alarm
– fast printing from an integrated printer
– calibrated probe at three temperature points according to HRN/EN ISO 17025
– power supply 12/24 VDC and 230 VAC
– battery life up to 8 hours, extendable up to 24h
– smartphone application
– available in a variety of capacities
– preparation of qualification protocols and reports
– tests execution with records
– training users to work with the device
– warranty and on spare parts
– service within 72 hours.
– annual requalification of the device
– temperature probe annual calibration
– annual mapping of the device in 9 points