NanoCool™ Universal 2-85361

NanoCool™ temperature control shippers offer the ultimate simplicity. One push of a button activates the cooling engine, making these shippers ideal for those unfamiliar with temperature controlled packaging solutions.

NanoCool™ shippers are available in a 2 – 8 degree Celsius temperature range and cover durations of 48 – 92 hours. The low profile reduces freight costs and conserves valuable warehouse space.

Universal Systems

Universal Systems are refrigerated shippers that combine evaporative cooling technology with phase change material (PCM) to ensure the integrity of your payload during shipment. When combined, the steady evaporative cooling effect is augmented by the PCM component to protect against external temperature spikes.


Product Specifications:

1. Temperature Range 2°C-8°C
2. Payload Volume 1.96 litres
3. Duration 48 hours
4. Coolant Type Evaporative Cooling
5. Payload Size Metric 216 × 119 × 76 mm
6. Outer Dimensions Metric 307 × 201 × 215 mm
7. Tare Weight Metric 3.4 kg
8. Product Type Single Use Parcel