NanoCool – DeepFreeze™ 8L

DeepFreeze™ shippers provide a safe alternative to vaporized N2 temperature controlled packaging systems traditionally used for cell and gene therapies. A novel spacer and inner payload box ensures valuable medical materials remain at desired temperatures until almost all of the ice sublimates.

DeepFreeze™ shippers feature advanced insulation technology to ship -65 degree Celsius temperature controlled payloads with durations up to 96 hours. The use of less dry ice and the dry ice shipper’s lightweight and small footprint reduce overall transportation costs.


Product Specifications:

1. Temperature Range Sub -65°C
2. Payload Volume 8.00 litres
3. Duration 157 hours
4. Coolant Type Dry Ice Coolant
5. Payload Size Metric 228 × 177 × 177 mm
6. Outer Dimensions Metric 406 × 356 × 375 mm
7. Tare Weight Metric 5 kg
8. Product Type Single Use Parcel