METTCOVER® Insulated Pallet Shippers

The robust thermal liners reflect up to 97% of heat transferred via radiation (sun, heat), they also reflect up to 97% of the cold air back into your goods.

Our wide stock range of chilled packaging solutions will ensure you have the right thermal insulation for your products. This will minimize material waste and ensure the best possible carrier rate for your shipment.


1. Do you ship bulk quantities of products that require effective temperature control during transit? The Insulated Pallet Shipper provides the perfect solution.
2. Lightweight, all-in-one insulated shipping solution that can protect temperature sensitive shipments.
3. Mettcover® Thermal Insulated Pallet Boxes are a high performance, bulk supply chain solution for shipping temperature sensitive products.
4. High performance thermal insulation.
5. A range of sizes available.
6. Quick assembly.
7. Made for 2ºC to 8ºC and 15ºC to 25ºC temperature range products.