METTCOVER® Insulated Container Liner

Mettcover® insulated shipping container liners protect perishable from heat, eliminates container rain, maximize dry container fleet, a barrier against potential contamination and reduces thermal shocks from port to inland journey.

An ocean cargo exposes with numerous atmospheric changes like temperatures and humidity. Products inside containers are likely to change their actual properties when they reach to their final destination. Thermal shipping container liners are made to solve the issues of thermal shocks in ocean shipments.

Different climates and varying global temperatures can affect heavily on cargo. Long ocean transits, port traffic, and drayage to final destination can make global shipping problematic. Cargo travels through different weather conditions and can destroy the quality of the product or the packaging.

The updated 4 piece design makes it very suitable and easy to install. Heavy duty self adhesives in each section to stick easily. This is the quickest way to install the Container liner and saves time, rather than hooks and hanging strings.


1. Mettcover® insulated shipping container liners are available with 15+ different grades
1. We have ready sizes for 20ft and 40ft container liners.
3. Prevent the shipping product from direct heat and cold.
4. Eliminates container rain.
5. Maximize dry container fleet.
6. A barrier against potential contamination.
7. Reduces thermal shocks.