METTCOVER® Air Cargo Covers

A temperature sensitive air cargo tends to get excursion due to extreme weather conditions. At very high or very low ambient temperatures, it becomes difficult to maintain the required temperature ranges of the products during shipping. Insulating them with Thermal Pallet Covers and Thermal Cargo Covers reduces the energy exchange rates and delays the excursion period.

Mettcover® Thermal Covers are made with different kinds of insulation materials which works as a barrier between temperature sensitive products and the weather. Basically they reduce the energy exchange rates by three methods. 1. Radiation : It is the emission or transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or through a material medium. 2. Convection : Process by which heat is transferred by movement of a heated fluid such as air or water. 3. Conduction : The transmission or conveying of something through a medium or passage.


1. Using a proprietary combination of reflective foils and insulations, Mettcover® thermal cargo covers & blankets produce extreme temperature differentials when placed over temperature-sensitive cargo.
2. Our Air Cargo Insulation material is designed to be sturdy, tear-proof, and puncture-resistant, ensuring your products make it through transit intact.
3. Our products arrive compressed and folded, allowing you to minimize warehousing and transportation costs.
4. Our insulation products could not be easier to apply, and fit perfectly every time.
5. The space-efficient design allows you to immediately collapse the insulation after use, making disposal and transportation easy.
6. Our air cargo insulation provides a high level of protection against light, solar radiation and UV.
7. Available for any size of the cargo.
8. Available with or without bottom base.