Crēdo Duracube™ HD Series 4 (2°C to 8°C) – 56L

Protect your delicate medical materials in the most rugged transport conditions with Crēdo DURACUBE™ lightweight and heavy duty hard shell temperature controlled shipping containers. Each shipper offers a longer lifespan, lower cost of ownership and fewer maintenance expenses.

Crēdo DURACUBE™ shippers provide a 10-15% increase in thermal performance over outer corrugated material, making them ideal for unanticipated shipping delays. Lightweight shippers (Crēdo DURACUBE™ LT) are available in 16L and 28L and heavy duty (Crēdo DURACUBE™ HD) includes sizes ranging from 2-96L, both with a full spectrum of temperature ranges lasting 120+ hours.

All Crēdo DURACUBE™ shippers are tested to ISTA7D profiles.


Product Specifications:

1. Temperature Range 2°C-8°C
2. Payload Volume 56.00 litres
3. Duration 120 hours
4. Coolant Type PCM Coolant
5. Payload Size Metric 381 × 381 × 381 mm
6. Outer Dimensions Metric 540 × 495 × 502 mm
7. Tare Weight Metric 48 kg
8. Product Type Reusable Parcel
9. Product Series Series 4