CoolGuard™ Advance Series 20M (-18°C) – 12L

CoolGuard™ Advance is our range of high-performance single-use shipping systems
with phase change materials and vacuum insulated panels. This shipper is designed and
tested to ensure maximum protection of valuable payload through use of standardized
components with simple, error-free assembly.


Product Specifications:

1. Temperature Range Sub -18°C
2. Payload Volume 12.00 litres
3. Duration 120 hours
4. Coolant Type PCM Coolant
5. Payload Size Metric 230 × 230 × 230 mm
6. Outer Dimensions Metric 395 × 395 × 395 mm
7. Tare Weight Metric 13 kg

CoolGuard™ Advance single-use shippers are designed for the highest performance with the ability to hibernate at any point in transit. Standardized components offer simple pack-out and are interchangeable with CoolGuard™ PCM shippers for ultimate flexibility.

CoolGuard™ Advance shippers combine phase change material with vacuum insulation panels to reduce excursions and increase compliance while providing a low total cost of ownership. Temperature ranges include refrigerated and frozen options, with durations of up to 120 hours.

All CoolGuard™ Advance temperature controlled packaging products are tested to ISTA7D profiles.